out of Hebgen: 851 cfs

by | Aug 20, 2008 | 0 comments

out of Hebgen: 851 cfs

at Kirby: 959 cfs

Our cool overnight temperatures have really helped the Madison stay in shape this summer.  With the lack of rain, things are getting pretty dry, but yesterdays river temp at Ruby was 62 degrees.  For mid August that is great.  The wind on the Madison has been ferocious as of late.  Yesterday we had a downstreamer that must have blown atleast a steady 30 mph with gusts to 40 or 50.  At noon today, Henry’s Lake has 2`foot swells and there is a constant 25 mph wind.  There is a rain storm coming in on the heels of this wind from the southwest bringing in some needed precipitation and colder daytime temps. 

The hatches are starting to taper off now, but you will find mayfly spinners in the mornings throughout most of the upper river.  Caddis are still around, just not in the numbers that they were a week ago. You will see Spruce Moths at Lyons, Windy Pt. and Palisades, but the trout are not paying as much attention to them.  Ants are the name of the game, and hoppers are triggering a few nice trout to rise each day.  We have yet to see any of the big honey ants which hatch from the ground.  One of these days, toward the end of August, these terrestrials will pour out of the ground in droves and make trout dumb as a bag of hammers……….