12 Days of Christmas – Day Twelve – BSA logo Simms Taco Bag

by | Dec 18, 2019 | 0 comments

 The 12 days of Christmas finishes up today! Stay tuned for more gear reviews this winter here on the Blog and a huge shout out to all those folks who participated thus far in our online fly shop, thank you very much.

The Simms Taco Bag is one of those simple pieces of gear that often gets over looked.  Wader bags have been around for a really long time and once you’ve had one and used it, you’ll never leave home without it.  While hosting and guiding in Patagonia, we move gear around from truck to boat, boat to truck and truck to lodge, that’s a lot of bags. Most of the rigs we roam around in are Toyota Hilux pickups with no topper; therefore having your waders and boots in one complete package is ideal, the plus side is that your waders don’t find their way out of the truck in that crazy Patagonian wind.  You don’t have to travel to South America to see the benefits of the Simms Taco Bag, lots of our clients bring them to Montana on their fishing trips.  Another upside to the taco bag is that your gear doesn’t get confused with your fishing buddy’s.  We’ve all been on trips where everybody is rolling their Simms waders, boots and  gore-tex jacket; a mix up is bound to happen.  We love the fact that the Taco Bag doubles as a wader mat, protecting those neoprene feet from sharp rocks, making your investment in quality waders last a little longer.  In the end, keeping your gear organized generally leads to catching more trout!

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