12 Days of Christmas – Day Three & Four – Dueling Lanyards

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12 days of Christmas – Day Three and Four – Dueling Lanyards

Over the years we have utilized and seen darn near every single way to carry one’s tools of the trade for attaching terminal tackle.  What is really comes down to is that everyone has a different idea of what they need and how they want to access it. Are you wade fishing or are you in a drift boat? Do you wear a vest or just carry a small fly box and your rod?  In the end, for a day of fishing, anglers need to carry hemostats, nippers, floatant and tippet plus flies, split shot and maybe an extra leader. The question is simple, how do you want to carry your gear?  The vest is still a viable option, but we don’t really see too many anglers still rocking the vest.  Most anglers complain that the vest is too heavy and allows one to bring too much gear.  The next solution is to some kind of fishing pack, sling pack or messenger style fishing bag.  But what about your hemos, nippers, floatant and tippet?  For years most of attached the hemos and nippers to our shirts and rolled with it; however, I personally lost at least one set each summer while jumping in or out of the boat.

Enter the lanyard.


BSA Guide Lanyard

Most fishing guides spend a majority of their time in a drift boat or raft and carry boat bags for all their flies and tackle. I like to have a minimal amount of accessories hanging from my neck and the BSA Select Guide Lanyard (above) allows for just that.  This is a simple way to carry exactly what you need for pinching barbs, removing flies from fish and for cutting tippet material.  Heck…we’ve opened beers and pulled porcupine quills from bird dogs with the hemos and even used the parachute cord for a boot lace in a pinch.  When we jump out of the boat on wade fishing trips this lanyard is perfect as well.  If need be, for quick access to tippet, simply un-loop the hemostats and nippers and then slide a few spools of tippet on to the parachute cord.  Floatant and a small box of flies can go in your back pocket.  Whenever we are down south in Patagonia running hosted trips or guiding, we always give this set up to our guide buddies upon departure. They have hard time buying these in remote Patagonia and it adds instant fish karma to any trip.


Loaded Lanyard


The other side of the coin is the BSA Select Loaded Lanyard, pictured above. These are generally decorated with beads and carry all the essentials: tippet, hemos, floatant, nippers, fly patch, foam beads for drying flies and a small clip to keep it tight to one’s body when bending down to land a fish.  I know a few guides who run this system when guiding on foot as it keeps everything close at hand.  The only down side to the Loaded Lanyard is that you run the risk of Miles making fun of you if you forget to take it off before you go into Wild West for apres-guiding cocktails.

Check them both out in our on line fly shop as these make great gifts for the angler in your family.