12 Days of Christmas – Day Seven – Best Tungsten Beadheads of 2019

by | Dec 12, 2019 | 0 comments

Yesterday we featured a bunch of great dries and discussed how fishing it dry can happen seven months a year here in West Yellowstone.  While that is true, trout aren’t always eating dry flies.  Angling subsurface is super important and we believe whole heartedly that a well rounded angler should understand nymphing.  Getting the fly down to the fish quickly is the name of the game and tungsten beads do make a difference.  We often refer to flies as “get there” nymphs when discussing different patterns in the shop.  The selection below gets there for sure.

The contents of the package is below.

1 x Clear Waterproof Silicone Fly Box  FREE!

2 x Golden Two Bit Stones Sz. 12 

2 x Tungsten Duracell Jig Nymph Sz. 14 

2 x Jake’s Double Money Brown Sz. 14 

2 x BH Flashback Pheasant Tail Nymphs Sz. 

2 x Arizona Hares Ear Natural Sz. 14 

2 x Arizona Hares Ear Olive Sz. 14 

2 x Tactical RL Pheasant Tail Sz. 14 

2 x Jake’s Double Money Olive Sz. 16 

2 x Tungsten Red Neck Sz. 16 

2 x Tactical RL Pheasant Tail Sz. 16