12 Days of Christmas – Day Five – Fishpond Gift Pack

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12 days of Christmas – Day Five – The Fishpond Gift Pack

Fishpond is one of the companies that just keeps coming up with great products year after year. From wading nets and boat nets, to hip packs and boats bags they seem to think of darn near everything.  We walked around the shop and picked out three of our favorite accessories from Fishpond that fit in the stocking or could be wrapped up as one gift.  The River Rat 2.0 will keep your beverage of choice as cold as Slough Creek in July and with it’s lanyard, you’ll never loose your beverage – its a fantastic product for the rafter in your life.  Since our area rivers offer dry fly fishing for almost seven months of the year, we are never without fly floatant and something to carry it.  The Fishpond Bottle Holder clips to any pack or vest keeping your floatant of choice at hand and your dry flies riding high.  Micro trash could be defined as scrap tippet and leader, flies that no longer work for whatever reason, beat up split shot, those little Reese’s cup wrappers that make their way to the bottom of your waders or your buddies cigarette butts that seem to find their way to the bottom of the drift boat. This little gem from Fishpond, the Microtrash Container, is the perfect little gift that helps keep the boat ramps clean and the river cleaner.