12 Days of Christmas – Day Eight – Learn to Fly Fish Book Set

by | Dec 14, 2019 | 0 comments

From our humble beginnings in Joe’s garage back in 2004, Big Sky Anglers has been committed to teaching anglers how to fly fish. We do our best to break down the techniques and offer insight all day long during guide trips.  It is our goal to help anglers become the complete package.  Everyday at our fly shop in the summer season, anglers from all walks of life come through the doors.  We often are asked which books and maps are the best for learning; ask Justin and he’ll start with the Little Red Fishing Knot Book, then he’ll grab the Pocket Guide to Fly Fishing (which is waterproof and can accompany you to the river) and then he’ll grab the always famous Curtis Creek Manifesto.   These books are fantastic for all ages of anglers and for those of you who think you have a grasp on fly fishing, Sheridan Anderson will definitely show you a thing or two in his cartoon book below.  We tossed in a map of Yellowstone National Park from National Geographic as why not pour over a map of one of the finest places to fish in the World?

Check it out in the online fly shop.