Think summer!

by | Feb 15, 2011 | 0 comments

That makes my back hurt....

While still deep into the winter months, we are closer to fishing season than ever before.  In 3 months the General Fishing Season in Montana will be open.  90 days….. 2,160 hours…….12,960 mintues…..7,776,000 seconds.  I like 3 months.  The Madison is still open until the end of Feb and has been fishing pretty darn good.  And no, you don’t have to spend the day watching a bobber.  There are good trout rising to midges.  My buddy, Neil Courtis, hooked 15 fish on dry flies just a few days ago.  He glowed with bright energy while telling me about his winter angling over coffee at Freeheel and Wheel.  I wanted to punch him because I haven’t wet a line in over 2 weeks. 

Steam, bobbysock trees and morning light.

Today it’s warm and sunny, 30 degrees in West and 45 in Ennis.  The wind is howling too.  The sun felt good on my back while splitting wood.   Why I am not fishing you ask?????  Well, I am headed into YNP later today to guide a photo tour through the Park.  Joining me is Henry “Chip” Holdsworth.  Chip is a pro from Jackson who has been around these parts for a long time.  His photos are bad ass.  This is his trip and I am driving.  We have become friends over the past 4 winters while guiding clients around Yellowstone.   If you are looking to sharpen your winter photography skills and want to ride around YNP with one of the finest pros around, Henry Holdsworth is your man.

Stella, soaking up the warmth of the woodstove.

 Our little bird dog loves the heat.  She is not a dummy and is proving to be one of the smartest little bird dogs I have ever been around.  I can’t even begin to think about bird season…….yet.  Drew (the owner of the Airstream) and I did have a great conversation while in his snowcoach about bird season a week ago.  We discussed dates and length of trip for this November.  Planning is everything.