1 Point….we’ll take it.

by | Jun 13, 2010 | 0 comments


The first three minutes weren’t too bad, then England exposed our weekness – defense.  It sucks really and breaks down rather quickly when great teams spread us out and one-time passes  move forward through our players at an alarming rate.  Scary, how good England can be a times.  Jay Demerit marked Wayne R. pretty darn well for most of the game. Gooch looked solid. The defending mid-field did not mark that well and England found the holes too often.  Without Tim Howard in the net, we would have been beaten by three goals.  Clint Dempsey is a solid player and will continue to be a force on the field.  We played better in the second half and Jozy A. is going to get some momentum this next game.  1 point……we’ll take it.

Green grass and fresh snow

Yesterday, on the way to Bozeman, the clouds broke and showed us the fresh snow, not too far above the valley floor.  I heard runmors of 8 -10 inches in the high country…….The Madison is dropping a bit and currently is residing at 2010 cfs.  Cabin and Beaver still have a ways to go before clearing.  The Missouri is fishing good right on through the high water.