Chris Herpin has been a fixture among West Yellowstone fishing guides since 1993, when he began working for Bud Lilly’s Trout Shop.  For twenty-three seasons, he carried the same business card.  When the business changed hands in 2016, he stayed on board, becoming one of Big Sky Anglers most veteran guides.  Chris takes pride in fishing dry flies with his clients as much as possible.  Teaching the presentation techniques required to raise a wild trout to the surface and sharing one of the greatest experiences in fly fishing with beginners and advanced anglers alike is his greatest passion as a guide.

Chris got his start in fly fishing on the waters of the Sierras, in his home state of California.  He vacationed around West Yellowstone throughout the 1980s.  After a decade long stint in LA working for “the man” in corporate America, Chris decided he needed a change of pace and found work as a guide here in Montana.  Chris spent two full winters in West Yellowstone, but in his own words, “twenty below zero isn’t ok for a beach boy”, and since then he’s spent winters in warmer locales from Cabo, to Cali, and Washington State.  In recent years he’s spent the winter in Norther California, helping out with family owned restaurant and seafood businesses.