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Big Sky Anglers is a firm believer that there's so much more to fly fishing than just catching fish; that it's called "fishing" and not "catching" for a reason. We believe wholeheartedly that there's as much joy in watching a solitary brown feed with reckless abandon as there is in trying to get that perfect drift up under the log jam it's feeding behind.

Don't get us wrong. We love those thirty fish days. We are fishermen, afterall. But we also love those two fish days when both of them ate your perfect presentation, cart wheeled across the river, took you 100 yards downriver and taped out at 20+ inches. And yes, we love those days spent in the company of friends when all of a sudden the boat ramp's in sight and you didn't even make a cast the last hour and a half because the sunlight fading across the ridgetops was too good to miss.

Fly fishing is what we do, what makes us tick. We can show you the knots. We can show you how to get a perfect drift. We can show you how to reach cast and double-haul. We can show you the stages of insects, where trout hide on hot summer days and how to read water. This is what we do.

We hope you'll let Big Sky Anglers show you why we love what we do.