Wyoming fly fishing

Hello there…we’ve been busy fishing…..

Flows and the damn Dam River flows in the Madison Valley, from Hebgen Dam to Ennis lake, are sitting pretty good right now as we shift from summer to fall.  At the Kirby Gage, she’s registering at 994 cfs.  Over the past few weeks, the heat and high sun have been minimal and river temps [...]

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YNP Native Fish Conservation

Next week, there will be a VERY interesting lecture in Bozeman given by the Super himself, Dan Wenk.  Native Fish Conservation has been a hot topic the past few years with ongoing discussions on Yellowstone Cutthroats, Grayling and the other non-native species of trout….AKA….lake trout, rainbows, browns and brookies.  I find it interesting as to [...]

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august & a touch of Fall

All the locals I have run into lately are talking about it.  The elk are thinking about it as well….so are the brown trout and the white fish. Fall is in the air. Yes, it’s only August 11, but in these parts, summer is rapidly approaching it’s end.  Don’t worry, there will be plenty of [...]

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2013 – A Thank You

First off, Happy New Year from West Yellowstone, Montana. The past 12 months was filled with wonderful memories on and off the river.  Thanks to those of you who diligently return to fish with Big Sky Anglers each season, and to those first timers who trust in our word, we continue to thrive in this [...]

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Spring in the Rockies

Wondering around Montana and Wyoming over the past four weeks has been super good fun.   Winters in West Yellowstone can grind on you and if one does not get off the mountain and head to the lower elevations, things can get a bit stale.  What I am talking about is that fact that Spring does [...]

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Poking around wyoming

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A few days ago we headed over Thermopolis for a float trip on the upper Big Horn.  My father-in-law joined us for his first float trip, so I was glad that the weather cooperated with sunshine and no wind.  Personally, I would have enjoyed a nice overcast, cooler day, but honestly, sunny weather makes for [...]

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chicks rule…..

My friends tell me that I lucked out…….that I married well……that I should thank my lucky stars for a lady like the one above.   Of course, I tell them that she lucked out……and they laugh at that……cause they know me all too well. We fished the Shoshone River this afternoon in a wonderful hatch of [...]

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