winter fly fishing

More thoughts on winter

The image above shows current snow water equivalent by river basin.  Notice the dates range, 1981-2010.  These percentages would actually be lower if the data included the 1970′s as Montana received more snow back then.  Earlier today, it was raining.  Yes, raining in mid-February at 6666 feet of elevation. Sure, it was snowing in the [...]

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Winter will return

For three weeks now, the Madison River drainage has seen mild daytime temps and hardly any snowfall.  The valley is void of snow and it seems more like April than February.  With that in mind, I must say, Winter will return.  The boat ramps in the Madison Valley are free and floating is an option [...]

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YNP and a Snowpack Update

Guiding for Yellowstone Alpen Guides during the winter months provides ample opportunities for photo graphs.  While I am in no ways a professional, I thoroughly enjoy keeping my camera on hand everyday and taking advantage of my time in Yellowstone National Park’s Interior.  If I could spend a little less money on fishing and hunting [...]

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Upper Madison River Fishing Report 02.22.2014

After a quick run to the dump and to town for some gas, the dogs and I ran down to the Madison Valley.  It was 14 degrees when we departed and slightly blowing.  Rounding Hebgen I was looking forward to spending a couple of hours on the river as it has been over a month [...]

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Snow Pack Report 01.16.2014

Over the past month, many a mile has been passed by behind the wheel of Bombardier B12.  Visiting Yellowstone during the winter months is by far a highlight of my year, honestly, I don’t feel that there is finer job out there in West Yellowstone.  While traveling the upper reaches of watersheds such as the [...]

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Yea Buddy!

Several days ago, this photo showed up on my phone.  Pictured above is Jonathan Heames (left) and his son Finn with a 8 lb rainbow trout caught in Chilean Patagonia.  Throughout October and November, Finn was learning to cast a fly rod in their garage, just down the street from our place on Horse Butte.  [...]

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Big & White

Upon asking several friends the question, “what streamer can you not live with out in Argentina?”. I received this answer – “big & white”.

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Madison River Fishing Report 02.19.2013

Today was the day.  You missed it, actually just about everybody missed it.  Fortunately for you, there will be a few more days like this one….maybe.  By chance, I had the day off and ran to Ennis to take care of life.   After a quick stop at the Madison River Fishing Company, I got on [...]

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So true

But fly fishing possesses a timeless quality. No matter how long you fish, there is always more to learn, new water to seek out, new flies to try and fish to catch. You can never fish it all. You can never know it all. Anyone who claims to is a damn fool. – Jake McGlothlin

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Madison River Fishing Report 01.19.2013

Took a drive down to the Madison Valley this afternoon, hoping for minimal wind and 20 degree temps.   The wind was up, just enough, to make the 25 degree weather feel like it was 10.  After walking down to $3 Bridge from the highway, I noticed a rig in the parking lot next to the [...]

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