Henry’s Fork


Wade fishing is one of my favorite past times.  Why?  Because it’s just you and the river – intimacy with a river is hard to come by unless one gets out of the boat and stalks trout.  When wading, all your skills come into play: stalking, reach casts, managing slack line, mending, feeding slack line [...]

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Big Bugs

There are Big Bugs throughout southwest Montana and parts of YNP.   I caught my first trout of the season on Jacklin’s Salmon fly not too far from West Yellowstone…..love this pattern and Bob still ties them.  There are not cheap, but this fly is hands down, one of the best patterns ever.   Go by and [...]

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Why even try…..

….to look into the future?  Just go fishing.  That’s what I’d do. What I mean by this, is can one really say what the summer angling season will actually look like?  Educated guesses are popping up all over the Web and some of them are quite good.  I pay attention to a couple of them, [...]

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Back in SW MT

Two weeks on the Missouri will make one think about moving to Craig, Montana.  Back in the mid-Nineties, I did my time (3 seasons) on the Missouri, but back then, all the action was in Wolf Creek.   These days, Craig is the hotspot on the river.  Fly shops, bars, good food and more trout than [...]

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It’s on like donkey kong

The angling around SW Montana and Eastern Idaho is pretty damn good.   Things have been so busy lately with guiding, that I have needed to neglect almost everything else.   Tis’ the season, I guess, but it stills feels like we are a month behind with Mother Nature.  It’s just starting to feel like summer and my [...]

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Henry’s Fork on the 4th….of July

During the season, it’s almost next to impossible to field phone calls from your guide buddies working on other rivers.  On the other hand, when photos like thses show up on your phone, a call back is mandatory.  Especially when it involves dry fly angling.  While on the Missouri last week,  Jonathon Heames (a Trouthunter Guide [...]

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Back and Forth

I arrived home from the Missouri yesterday afternoon to excited dogs and a plethera of mosquitoes.  The warm temps have cranked up the biting flies and rivers have risen slightly as well.  The Missouri is stable at 21,800 out of Holter Dam.  Some folks think it will get even bigger.  HUGE is about the only word [...]

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 One of the first salmonfly hatches we will see, is just about 10 days away…..maybe a bit later depending on the temperatures of the Henry’s Fork.  Life in the high country is behind every where else once again this spring.  Yesterday there was about 2.5 feet of visibility from Warm River to Ashton, today is [...]

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Last Chance

 After watching the weather and making a few calls down to the Trouthunter in Last Chance, Jonathon Heames and myself hopped in the truck and went for it.  It was cold, windy and not quite the conditions we were looking for, but none the less, we needed to get out of the house.   We met up with [...]

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“There are four lines which twist and turn their way through this part of the country mirroring each other along the way.   From this little spot in the world, one can see all four at the same time.”     -  E. Tips on Howard Creek Ranch     An old friend of mine pointed this out to me around the campfire, late [...]

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