Hebgen Lake

Hello there…we’ve been busy fishing…..

Flows and the damn Dam River flows in the Madison Valley, from Hebgen Dam to Ennis lake, are sitting pretty good right now as we shift from summer to fall.  At the Kirby Gage, she’s registering at 994 cfs.  Over the past few weeks, the heat and high sun have been minimal and river temps [...]

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Hebgen Dam Update….is the fat lady gonna sing?

Way back in late August of 2008, Hebgen Dam broke.  The day it happened we sat there and drank beers, watching the lake drop six inches in 24 hours.  A month later, PPL Montana got the situation “under control”, but none of us thought it would take this long to complete construction.  Where is the [...]

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Winter Fly Fishing in SW MT

Winter is back in Montana for the next 5-7 months.  Most of the locals are the hill in BS for another powder day…….West Yellowstone narrowly missed getting pounded with the snow.  Shit, we needed it. While November can feel like Winter, there is not one angler/hunter/outdoorsmen that would say November is winter…..winter-like, maybe, but not [...]

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Hebgen Lake Report

One can find lots and lots of rising trout on Hebgen Lake each day.   There are flying ants, calibaetis, midges, tricos, damsels and a few caddis hovering around the lake.  Hebgen’s elevation is sitting about 2 feet from full and those weed beds are starting to get thick with rising fish.  Some days are much [...]

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Immature Bald Eagle

Took a boat ride on Hebgen Lake this afternoon.  The wind was light, the sun was high and our fishing kinda sucked…..but….it was so fun to be on the lake.  At one point, while running back across to another spot, where we caught a trout, several immature bald eagles were trying their luck with this [...]

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If you don’t row, you don’t go.

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YNP, Gulpers & a Guides day off

Headed up Mnt Washburn a few days ago, this Grizzly was just off the road browsing the hillside.  It was early in the day, so we narrowly avoided the inevitable Bear Jam.   The rivers throughout the NE side of Yellowstone are dropping, clearing and fishing pretty damn well.   The Lamar is still high and crossing [...]

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15 hours, 34 minutes

A long day it is.  The sun will set at 9:15 this evening and with this sunshiney day, there will be light in the sky well after 10 o’clock.  Today has been a shade bit windy and the warmest thus far…….The first day of Summer has come in with a bang………about flippin’ time, if I don’t [...]

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It’s still wet….and getting wetter

It might take a few years to dry out from all the rain which keeps falling.  I saw Noah’s Ark yesterday on the Firehole.  There were moose, bears, wolves, bison, deer and elk hanging out on the bow.  I think they were drinking Budweiser cans out of an ice cold Yeti Cooler which they probably stole from [...]

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Madison River Fishing Report – Inbetwix

 Our snowpack is finally melting.  Cabin Creek was dirty yesterday afternoon and while I did not see Beaver Creek, I would assume it was muddy too.  The yard around the house melted out and bison have been using the much needed bare ground for browsing.   A year ago, all of the snow had melted off the [...]

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