Firehole River


Touring through the West Gate has provided for some interesting wild life viewing thus far.  Wolf packs have been seen on multiple occasions and the bobcat is out cruising the Madison River as well.  It seems as if the trumpeter swan numbers are up, but maybe some of the their other water sources are frozen [...]

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Back and Forth

I arrived home from the Missouri yesterday afternoon to excited dogs and a plethera of mosquitoes.  The warm temps have cranked up the biting flies and rivers have risen slightly as well.  The Missouri is stable at 21,800 out of Holter Dam.  Some folks think it will get even bigger.  HUGE is about the only word [...]

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More water than…..

… can shake a fish at.   This is an epic, all world year for snow and rain.  A friend of ours is skiing on Beartooth Pass today and she says there is atleast 16 feet of snow up there.   On and off rain today, but the sun is shining and the wind is cranking up as well.  More rain [...]

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It’s still wet….and getting wetter

It might take a few years to dry out from all the rain which keeps falling.  I saw Noah’s Ark yesterday on the Firehole.  There were moose, bears, wolves, bison, deer and elk hanging out on the bow.  I think they were drinking Budweiser cans out of an ice cold Yeti Cooler which they probably stole from [...]

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