Fly Fishing Education

Midge Clusters

The Griffith’s Gnat has been the most productive midge cluster ever invented.  I use it in sizes #12-20 on rivers throughout the West.  George Griffith tied this simple pattern, it’s durable and productive which are characteristics of all quality fly patterns.  Peacock and grizzly hackle….simple shit….thanks George for inventing this fly. So, last Spring, before [...]

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Freestone flyrods

Some of you were able to fish Freestone flyrods this past season while on guided trips with Big Sky Anglers. A few folks pulled the trigger, others are still on the fence. Currently, I have the 905 and 906 graphite models and there is a slight chance of getting a 907 prior to my trip [...]

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This explanation of Electrofishing is straight from Montana FWP.  For years, myself and many others,  have been  against electrofishing and after sitting through detailed lectures given by biologists I still feel the same way.  Do we really need it?  Does the public really care how many trout are in Montana’s rivers?  Would you still come out [...]

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The Golden Stonefly

  The biot body stonefly might be the only other stonefly nymph I fish, although the prince nymph is hard to beat…..I cannot lie, so add that to the list…..3 patterns to imitate these insects.  The first biot stoneflies I saw were tied by Mike Mercer, his Epoxyback still gets’em good, all the way down to the [...]

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Whitefish & the Madison River

    Over the past several years, anglers and biologist alike, have noticed a decline in Rocky Mountain Whitefish on the Madison River.  Some anglers believe that Whitefish are a plague to the Rocky Mountains and when this resentment comes aboard my vessel, I kick it to the curb.  Whitefish are just that – fish.  [...]

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Ditch Bill Update – HB 309

Recieved this today from FOAM: House Bill 309, the ‘ditch’ bill, was tabled in the Senate Ag committee this afternoon. Amendments were offered to strip the bill of any mention of redefining what is a ditch and related access issues and to update the Stream Access law to reflect corrections from the so-called ‘Galt Decision’ [...]

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The Ditch Bill….

Robin Cunningham, the ED of the Fishing Outfitters Association of Montana has attended every session in Helena as our ear to the grindstone for almost 2 decades.  Two weeks ago he informed those of us attending the Board of Directors Meeting in Bozeman about HB 309.   Robin has been keeping us informed all along the way.  There [...]

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Felt Ban in Montana

The Felt Ban is heating up in Montana.  There is a proposed bill in the Montana legislature that will ban felt soled wading boots starting October 1, 2011.  There is tons of information out there to educate everyone about the serious issues of Aquatic Nuisance Species (ANS).  Google it and read about it.  Felt is [...]

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Dryflies that work! simple & Easy to tie….

The Buzzball Cripple My buddy Mark Raisler, co-owner of Headhunters Fly Shop, showed me Lafontaine’s Buzzball a bunch of years while on the Missouri….he may have still been cooking at The Trout Shop Cafe at that time.  When I have fished the Buzzball on the Madison, well, you just can’t see it that well.  I have [...]

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