Spring in the Rockies

Wondering around Montana and Wyoming over the past four weeks has been super good fun.   Winters in West Yellowstone can grind on you and if one does not get off the mountain and head to the lower elevations, things can get a bit stale.  What I am talking about is that fact that Spring does exist in other places outside of West Yell during March and April.  I wore flip flops, played golf in a t-shirt (still suck at golf) and witnessed someone actually mowing their lawn.

The joy of fishing and exploring new places this spring, has reminded me of why I moved out West 17 years ago.  It’s huge and fishing every nook and cranny is nearly impossible.  I get out on the local streams each spring, but sometimes, you just need to hit a river that you know nothing about.

Maybe a rumor, here and there….

Driven by a few times…never fished…..

A local friend who wants to fish on his days off…..another buddy willing to scout things out with….a drift boat and cooler full of beer.

Road trips that revolve around fishing don’t suck. Plan one soon.


A few days ago we headed over Thermopolis for a float trip on the upper Big Horn.  My father-in-law joined us for his first float trip, so I was glad that the weather cooperated with sunshine and no wind.  Personally, I would have enjoyed a nice overcast, cooler day, but honestly, sunny weather makes for a great first day in the drift boat.  Rainbows dominate this section of the river and are quite feisty.  Redds are starting to show up all over the shallow runs, so we did our best to stay out their way.  Molly managed to hook a rather large brown trout, but it came unbuttoned while fighting it to the boat.  I was bummed, she could’ve cared less.  Bob was hooking his fair share of fish, but had a tough time getting these rainbows to the net……none the less, he was stoked to be on the river…….he’s a great golfer and realizes that like golf, one must put in their time to get good at fly fishing.

chicks rule…..

My friends tell me that I lucked out…….that I married well……that I should thank my lucky stars for a lady like the one above.   Of course, I tell them that she lucked out……and they laugh at that……cause they know me all too well.

We fished the Shoshone River this afternoon in a wonderful hatch of blue-winged olives, caddis and midges.  Trout were up and looking for anything that floated.  The two of us fished together, trading the rod fish for fish. However, I mostly took pictures because I love to watch her fish and smile.