It’s $#*@# Cold!

We hit the sack last night around 10:30pm.  Beforehand, I slipped out to the front porch to grab a few more logs for the fiery beast which warms our little cabin.  It was cold.  Yes, it’s always cold here in West Yellowstone, but this was different.  This cold hadn’t been here since last winter.  I peaked out past the roof line and the crystal clear starry night was settling in.  After I packed the Elm full and let her rip for a few minutes, I crawled into a warm bed.  This is the time of the year that being married has it’s benefits.  Okay, there are more benefits than a warm bed, so we’ll stop there.  Anyway, after about ten minutes the house began to pop and crack.  Molly was sound asleep and never heard the winter noise.  This went on all night long.

We woke to 30 below zero.

Damn, that’s cold.

No fishing today.

BC Steel

A little more Monday morning madness. I have watched this three times already. Another good friend of mine, Justin Spence, (in the red jacket) just got back from a BC steelhead trip. The day they were supposed to fly out for the USA, their plane was delayed because of weather. It took them three extra days to get out of BC…so, like any other addict, they went back to the river. Wow……I want to go.

New York Steel

Jin Park (above) fishes a lot.  More so than most folks I know and I’m a fishing guide.  Jin is not a fishing guide, but somehow manages to squeeze in mass amounts of time on rivers throughout the country.  Jin & Co. come out to fish with Greg and I on the Missouri River every summer for a week.   They are serious anglers and after a full day on the water, they eat a quick bite and head back out for the evening dry fly game.

Well done Jin, that is one sweet Great Lakes Steelhead.