What our clients say…….


 We had a great time – already talking about “next year” and the many to come. I am pleased we chose you and Big Sky Anglers as our outfitter – and I will recommend you to any and all who I can. I appreciated your professionalism, conversation, and expertise, as we did also of Greg and Mike. Please extend a warm thanks to Mike and Greg.  You have a great team and we look forward to fishing again with you next October. Best to you,

Bill C. – Maryland


In September 2000, on our second trip to Montana, my husband Bill and I decided we wanted to float the Madison River. I was just beginning to fly fish and a little skeptical since my skills were not exactly perfect, but we got hooked up with a wonderful guide named Joe Moore. Joe is patient, skilled and went far beyond the average guide. He made my first experience memorable and took the time to help me with my casting in different situations and the mending of my line. You instantly knew that Joe’s objective was to give you a day on the river that you would always remember. My husband was having the time of his life and Joe had no problems jumping out of the boat to net the fish and to untangle our lines. Since out first float trip, we have floated other rivers, but we never have the trips like we have with Joe on the Madison. We have established a real friendship and trust with Joe as our guide. This year we are looking forward to our sixth float trip.

Vicki and Bill Miller Spring Grove, PA

We fish with guides all around the United States, from Colorado to Florida to North Carolina and anywhere in between we can find fish and a good guide. By far, your program is #1. Don’t change a thing about it, especially your interest in helping us improve our fishing skill level.

Steve E. & Clark L. St. Louis, MO

Over the past several years, I have had the opportunity to have Joe Moore guide several fishing trips on the Madison River. In each instance, Joe has done a superb job for me and my guests. My guests routinely tell me that the trip has been one of their best ever fishing trips. If you would like to fish the Madison River, I would certainly recommend Joe Moore as your guide.

Rich C.
Walnut Creek, Califonia

Joe Moore is a terrific river guide. An easy-going professional who’s a pleasure to fish with, Joe’s an accomplished teacher, a skilled boatman, and a knowledgeable fisherman.

Joe’s instructions are clear and concise. He knows when to demonstrate, how to gently correct, when to encourage, and most importantly, when to simply let you fish without comment or pressure.

He’s a master of the drift boat, maneuvering it smoothly and safely down the rocky, riffly, Madison. When needed, he actually wades behind the boat, guiding it by hand to give you two or three casts at that perfect pocket of water.

Joe has an uncanny knack for finding fish–and telling you how to catch them! His advice to, “Toss it about six feet in front of that rock, right where the water changes color,” seemingly always produces a strike.

Inevitably, Joe chooses the fly and technique that catches fish–probably because he’s always turning over rocks to see what’s crawling around or about to hatch. And, always the teacher, he’ll show you what he’s found, explain what it is, and what fly imitates it.

In summary, Joe’s the best. I won’t fish the Madison or Missouri unless Joe Moore’s guiding.

E.G. Kindley
Seattle, WA.

Over the past 7 years Joe has shown our family what fly fishing is truly all about. He has successfully taught both of our boys the techniques of catching trout with a fly and shown Mom and Dad a great time, even if it was snowing and cold on the Madison in October. We can’t wait to get back to the Madison River and the beautiful valley through which it flows. Sometimes, on those special occasions, when the fishing is excellent and the wind seems almost non-existent, Joe not only cooks up a nice philly cheese steak on the side of the river over a stove, but helps us reach nirvana—a 20 inch plus brown sipping flies in 6 inches of water.Barry & Johnna Plaga California