BC Steel

A little more Monday morning madness. I have watched this three times already. Another good friend of mine, Justin Spence, (in the red jacket) just got back from a BC steelhead trip. The day they were supposed to fly out for the USA, their plane was delayed because of weather. It took them three extra days to get out of BC…so, like any other addict, they went back to the river. Wow……I want to go.

Freestone flyrods

Some of you were able to fish Freestone flyrods this past season while on guided trips with Big Sky Anglers. A few folks pulled the trigger, others are still on the fence. Currently, I have the 905 and 906 graphite models and there is a slight chance of getting a 907 prior to my trip to Argentina in March – yes, I am headed down south for the first time ever. More on this later.

If you can get your hands on one of these rods, you must cast it.

If you can fish with it, even better.

Once the angler feels the rod load and also plays a fish – he/she will be overcome with pleasure and the money will fall out of your hands. You may actually beg Bernard to take your hard earned dollars, somewhat like a heroin fiend, just so you can feel that sensation again and again.
Watch out, these rods are addictive…..


If you are remotely like me, then you love to fish dry flies for rising trout. Especially large dry flies that seduce big browns. This is what summer is all about…..and I miss it……terribly.

The accompanying music was left out because the sound of the river flowing by was just too pleasant to tune out.

Water flowing freely is symbolic on many levels. This sound is therapeudic.