Over the past few weeks I took another trip to Titusville and fished another back slough off Palma Sola Bay. The first evening in the Indian River was windy and cool, but I was able to hook into a red that I spoted laid up on a sand spot. That red came unbuttoned after about 5 seconds and we decided to drink beer and head back to the boat dock instead of dealing with the 20 mph winds. The boat ride back was bumpy and wet, to say the least. Pat, Holly and I went up to the St. John’s River the following day in search of the Shad that run during the Spring. Another windy day and no fish. We did however take a cruise way up the St. John’s and that proved to be a great time. Lots of gators.

The slough off Palma Sola Bay, which I call CS Slough, has a few reds and snook that hang out when the tide is right. I have hooked a few fish in there but they run for the mangroves and I have to break them off. I busted a fly line in there last week. I think the line was nicked.

Montana – The snow is still falling in most parts of Montana, but there are fish biting from what I hear. I talked with Cam from Blue Ribbon a few days ago and he said that there is still atleast 4 feet of snow on the ground in West Yellowstone. The Madison and Gallatin Range are still above 100% of normal snowpack. There are select days when it gets warm, but there has been no significant melting yet. The lower Madison below Bear Trap has been fishing pretty good with nymphs. I have not heard whether there are any BWO’s yet. Most likey they should emerge in the next few weeks.

I will be heading home to MT on April 9th with a few stops along the way. After turkey hunting in Illinois or Missouri in late April, Holly and I should be back in SW Montana by the middle of May.


My how time flies. Over the past month I have fished the Titusville area for Reds with PB and a local flat on Palma Sola Bay here in Bradenton. Titusville was a ton of fun, but the weather got the best of us. I was able to get a nice 10 lb Red on the fly and had a few more shots. The wind blew and I wasn’t quite on my game. I am headed back to the Lagoon sometime next week. Hopefully, we’ll catch the weather when it is nice. I got an email from PB and he sent me a photo of a Red that was 30+lbs. Just an amazing fish. Palma Sola Bay has been intersting as there has not been a ton of fish out there and they have been super spooky. Later this afternoon I am going to head out to Palma Sola and check the east end of the bay.


I have been busy. I applogize for not updating my reports as often as one should. Sorry.

I wish that I could say that I have been out fishing in the boat, but I have now taken the carburetor off for the third time and it is headed to a mechanic friend of mine’s house on Super boal Sunday. GO SEAHAWKS!!! I was out wade fishing today at a spot that I was recently shown, but we got hit with a huge storm and I got blown out of there by the wind. Just north of here there were areas that recieved 15 inches of rain, in about 3 hours.

Last week I landed a sheephead that went almost to 20 inches. It pulled like a train. I have never seen one that big cruising the flat. Sheephead are equivalent to a zebra in the ocean, in looks that is. They aren’t talked about very much in the fly fishing world, but there are quite a few on the particular flat that I wade and they apparently eat flies from time to time. Normally, I have seen them around docks picking off the barnacles and eating them.

Montana has been pounded with snow so far this winter. The Madison Range is at 122% and the Gallatin Range is at 119%. If this keeps up, we are slated for one of the biggest water years sinced 1997. I hear the Tram line at BS has been the place to hang out. I wish I was there…..for a day or two.

Florida: Sarasota Bay

Yesterday, Holly and I went down to Port Charlotte and picked up the boat. It’s an 85′ Aquasport Osprey measuring in at 17.5 feet including the polling platform. She needs a paint job and a little love, but she’ll run and get us out to the fish. Now all we need to get the wind and the rain to stop. The weather has never stopped me before, but the saltwater is new for me and I am a little nervous. The wind blows a little harder down here than on the Madison. At least the low tides are exposing most of the hazzards.

The snowpack in the Madison Range is 115% of normal. The snowpack in the Gallatin Range is 131% of normal.

Keep up the prayers.

Florida: Sarasota Bay

I have been down here for about 2 weeks and have been fishing twice. No fish and no boat. The boat I am using for the winter is in the repair shop……the engine doesn’t even make a sound and there is corrosion everyhwere. It has worked very well in the past from what I hear. I have a positive attitude.

I have seen a few snook and redfish crusing around but I have not had good shots at them. Hopefully, next week I will have time to get over to Titusville and fish with a friend over there for reds. His boat runs and he knows the area well. I did take a drive with Holly yesterday to Ocala. We were hoping to fish for bass in the 8 – 10 lb range, but it rained solid for two days.

The snow pack for the Madison Range is at 108% of normal for this time of the year. There has been good snow so far and if we cross our fingers and our toes we should get it all winter. Pray to the snow gods. The Gallatin Range is at 124%. Big Sky Ski Resort is open and so is the Tram. I would love a powder day, but I guess I can settle for shorts, sandals and the beach instead.