Hatch Profile – Salmonflies

The venerable king of all hatches in Yellowstone Country, the Salmonfly Hatch lives in infamy among fly anglers world wide. Nothing generates more excitement, for both fish and fishermen alike than salmonflies, and with good reason. The chance to see a wild trout rise to the surface and inhale a three inch long insect (or better yet, your three inch long fly) is the stuff that fly fishing dreams are made of.

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Sustut River, BC – Steelhead Valhalla Lodge

We are excited to have 3 spots available at Steelhead Valhalla. Prime Dates. October 2019. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us as these spots will fill up fast.   British Columbia is a special place to visit, especially if enjoy swinging a fly for steelhead....

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Casting Practice Makes Perfect

Spring is here!  Maybe fishing season is in full swing where you are.  Maybe you are already planning for your big trip to Yellowstone Country this summer.  Or maybe you are stuck with runoff and have some extra pent up fishing energy.  Regardless of your situation,...

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Summer Favorites – Hebgen Lake Gulpers

It turns out that winter can get a little long here in West Yellowstone.  That leaves plenty of time to look back on photos and bring back memories of the warmer days of the past summer, and to look ahead to the upcoming season. I haven’t spent an extensive amount of...

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Fly Fishing Is For The Birds

I’ve always had a bit of fascination with any living thing I encounter during my time afield.  Growing up fishing and exploring around Yellowstone might do that to a person.  Or maybe I just have an innate interest in other living creatures.  In Yellowstone’s...

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