Finding the Rhythm in the Motherland of Steelhead

I hadn’t caught a steelhead since 2001. Maybe 2002.  While the memories of the fish are still vivid and clear, what year it was doesn’t really matter anymore.  At the time, I was fishing a two-piece, single hand, Winston IM6 eight weight, swinging flies in Idaho with...

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Big Sky Anglers Featured Fly – Olive Jig Bugger

Originator:  Fulling Mill Hook: Tactical barbless 60 deg jig hook, #12 Thread: 8/0 Olive Bead: 1/8” Brass or Tungsten (Black Nickel) Tail: Olive Chickabou Legs: Olive dyed partridge or hen soft hackle Body: Olive hares ear or hares ear blend Rib: Ultra Wire, Brassie,...

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Big Sky Anglers Featured Fly – Brown Rubber Legs

Originator:  Legends vary on the exact origins of this pattern, but modern literature attributes it to Pat Bennett, of Hyde Outfitters, Island Park, ID Hook: 3x long Nymph Hook.  Size 4 – 12. Weight: This can be tied either weighted with lead or non-lead wire, or...

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Big Sky Anglers Weekly Fishing Report – June 6, 2019

Welcome the to the Big Sky Anglers’ Weekly Fishing Report. It’s been a gorgeous, early-summer week here in Yellowstone Country. Bright green hillsides filled with wildflowers are backed by snow capped peaks. The skies have been blue, and the sun has been warm. Fishing...

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Salmonfly Graduation

It’s graduation season! All across the country high school seniors are preparing for that long awaited moment when they can walk across the stage, grab their diploma, and head out into the world. For four long years they have worked and grown on their way to becoming...

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Phil’s Favorites for Yellowstone Country

We struck up a relationship with Phil during his most recent trip to Yellowstone Country and were super excited to find out that he makes semi-regular trips to our area to fish the local stillwaters.  Phil is a signature tier for Montana Fly Company, and we’ve carried a few of his patterns in the shop since our doors opened.  When we found out that he has some real first-hand experience fishing our area, we began comparing notes on effective patterns and presentations.  It didn’t take long before we hatched an idea to share Phil’s Favorites for Yellowstone Country with our readers, and combine our own experiences with the patterns with Phil’s thoughts and suggestions on when, where, and how to use his flies in your own angling adventure.

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