Smarter Than A Goldfish?

It’s Autumn here in the Rockies, and that means there is a war going on between Summer, and Winter weather.  This war happens every year.  We all know that Winter wins this war every year, eventually, but we never quite know how each battle will play out.  Weather can...

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Imitating Baitfish: Factors to Consider

Streamer fishing is one of the oldest versions of fly fishing, yet it also seems to be one of the fastest growing types of flyfishing today. I don’t know why that is the case, but streamer fishing is certainly an interesting, complex, and exciting way to angle.  It...

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Route 40 Road Trip – Patagonia,Argentina

From the birthplace of flyfishing in Patagonia in the north to the frontier of trout fishing in the south, Route 40 runs through the heart of Patagonia. Join Big Sky Angler’s Steve Hoovler on a hosted and customized two week adventure from the north to the south of...

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Big Sky Anglers Featured Fly – Chou’s Fortune Cookie

Originator:  Brian Chou, MFC Signature Tier Shank: Cut off hook or pre fab shank, Straight eye Trailing Hook: Owner SSW, #6 or 8 Trailing hook connection: Coated wire Weight: Cross Eyed Cone, ¼”.  Substitute tungsten for extra depth. Thread: 6/0 black Tail: Marabou...

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Fishing For Memories

As members of the Big Sky Anglers community (a diverse, extremely clever, and good looking lot if there ever was one), our lives can all be described in terms of many different things, including fly fishing.  And since this is a fly fishing website, I don’t feel bad...

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