Big Sky Anglers Weekly Fishing Report – 07/12/2018

One of the most common questions we field from visiting anglers is “When is the best week to come fishing here?” The general response is “whenever you can get here”. With so many fisheries within an hour drive of the BSA world headquarters at 39 Madison Ave in West...

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Hatch Profile – Flavs

Drunella flavilinea, commonly known as the Flav, is the smaller, lesser known, and often misidentified cousin of the Green Drake, Drunella grandis. What this mayfly lacks in notoriety it more than makes up for in importance as a food source for Yellowstone Country...

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Big Sky Anglers Weekly Fishing Report – 07/05/2018

It’s hard to believe that the month of June and the 4th of July have both come and gone already. Summer is officially in full swing around Yellowstone country, and for the first time this season we’re looking ahead at a week of true summertime conditions. Forecasts...

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Big Sky Anglers Featured Fly – JoJo’s Riffle Riser

Originator:  Joe Moore, BSA Co-owner Hook: TMC 100 or equivalent, #14, or 16 Thread: Tail: Pheasant tail filbers and Z-yarn, Tan Abdomen: Pheasant tail Thorax: Ice Dub, Shrimp Pink Wing: Widows Web, Light Tan Hackle: Brown Notes:  A few years ago, while guiding the...

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Hatch Profile – Pale Morning Duns

Photo:  Kurt Schirmer / If you had to pick only one hatch to know and understand in Yellowstone Country it would undoubtedly be the Pale Morning Dun (“PMD”). This group of mayflies is found on every piece of moving water that holds trout, as well as some...

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Big Sky Anglers 2nd Annual Grand Opening Celebration

Hi, friends.  We had so much fun at our Grand Opening celebration last year that we've decided to do it again!  That's right, Big Sky Anglers SECOND ANNUAL Grand Opening Celebration.  Please save the date and join us on Saturday, June 30th, 2018 from 10 am to 10 pm to...

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The Five Gallon Bucket

Yes, that kind of five gallon bucket.  The kind that drywall mud, or paint, or an completely excessive volume of mayonnaise might come in.

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Big Sky Anglers Featured Fly – JoJo’s Green Drake

Originator:  Joe Moore, BSA Co-owner Hook: TMC 100 or equivalent, #10 Thread: Tail: Moose body hair Butt Dubbing: Superfine Dry Fly Dubbing, Olive Abdomen: Goose or Turkey Biot, Olive Wing: Widows Web, Light Tan Hackle: Grizzly dyed olive Notes: When we first opened...

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Hatch Profile – Green Drakes

The Western Green Drake, Drunella grandis, is a rock star in the world of aquatic entomology. It’s on the cover of all the magazines, and people travel from across the globe to see the show they put on. In many ways, Green Drakes and the fishing situations that they...

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Hatch Profile – Salmonflies

The venerable king of all hatches in Yellowstone Country, the Salmonfly Hatch lives in infamy among fly anglers world wide. Nothing generates more excitement, for both fish and fishermen alike than salmonflies, and with good reason. The chance to see a wild trout rise to the surface and inhale a three inch long insect (or better yet, your three inch long fly) is the stuff that fly fishing dreams are made of.

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